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The Facts

There are 750 injuries in the home and over 1000 accidents in the workplace reported to the HSE each year due to faulty electrical appliances or installations. Over 10 of these result in death. The largest cause of fires are due to faulty electrical equipment.

Your Duty of Care

Simply put, as an owner or manager you have a “Duty of Care” to provide a safe environment for your staff and anyone using your premises. Furthermore, you have to prove that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure this.


If an injury or death occurs due to an accident and you cannot prove that you have taken all care then :

  • You could be prosecuted and fined several thousands of pounds or even receive a lengthy jail sentence.
  • The business could suffer loss of revenue due to vital staff or equipment being missing leading to loss of confidence by your customers, suppliers and the banks making trading very difficult.
  • There could be an adverse affect on you or your family’s health due to stress and loss of income.

What We Can Do For You

  • We will inspect and test your equipment and installations.
  • We will provide you with all the necessary documentation.

This transfers the onus onto us to prove that all reasonable steps have been taken to adhere to the Regulations and you will be deemed to have fulfilled your “Duty of Care”.   

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