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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have our equipment  PAT tested?

No, there is no legal requirement for testing but what you must have is an inventory of equipment and proof that it is maintained in a satisfactory condition and the best way is to have it PAT tested.

How often do I need to have our equipment tested?

The IEE gives guidelines for different types of equipment and environments, many companies choose yearly testing for all equipment but we will advise you on a free survey.

I work from home, do I need to have my equipment tested?

Provided you do not employ anyone and the public does not have access to the premises then generally no. But your insurance company may ask to have it done.

Do domestic premises need periodic testing?

It is advised by the IEE that all domestic installations are tested every ten years, although this rarely happens but if any work is carried out on the installation then part or all the system must be checked and certified.

How often do rented properties require testing?

All rented accommodation should be tested at least every five years or on change of occupancy. A yearly inspection must be carried out and, if furnished, electrical equipment should be PAT tested yearly.

What is the frequency of periodic testing in commercial/ industrial premises?

Usually this is three to five years but that will depend on the previous inspectors recommendations.

Does the power need to be switched off to test a premises?

Yes each distribution board that is worked on must be dead if equipment cannot be shutdown then this is stated on the certificate or the work is scheduled for an appropriate time.

Are electrical home reports part of the HIPs?

No but it makes sense to have this done for safety and financial reasons.

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