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Home Buyers / Sellers Inspections

Buying or selling a property is probably the largest single financial transaction that we 
enter into so it makes no sense in not having the electrical system checked if you are 
purchasing a property. Not only could it be very expensive financially you could be 
moving into a potential death trap.

Picture of testing unit.If you are the seller what a great selling point that you have had the house safety checked. Plus this could help in getting your asking price and speed up the sale as it may be one less item to delay the proceedings.

We will visually inspect the installation  for signs of wear, check that all earths are in place.

We will assess the age of the installation and produce a report of our findings and recommendations.

Fault FindingCartoon of house and magnifying glass.

If you are having problems with your electrical system this may be overheating,nuisance tripping or maybe part of your under floor heating isn’t working or that you can’t find a cable. We can trace the fault and either advise on the remedial action or carry out the repair for you.    

5 Hawkhope Hill, Falstone, Northumberland, NE8 1BZ
Tel: 01434 240757   Mobile: 07817 735429  Fax: 01434 240757