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Portable Applicance Testing

All inspections and tests are carried out to IEE/ HSE regulations.testing

All items after satisfactory inspection and testing are identified by labeling which includes the appliance asset number, the test and retest date plus the inspector initials. The asset number is unique to the appliance as we never use the same number twice so all items are easily traceable.

Minor repairs are usually carried out free of charge.

We provide a full asset managed inventory, faulty equipment and repair equipment register in whatever form suits the client.

All records are stored on our  computer so at any time we can provide you with any information that is required. These records are kept for the life of the appliance. We also contact you before your next test date so this is one less thing to remember.

After inspecting and testing of the equipment we will compare them to previous results (if available) and advise you if any problems may occur in the next twelve months.

This could save you money on downtime due to unexpected breakdowns or allow you to purchase new equipment when offers are available.

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